1) Barrel Blank


Click below to build your Structured Barrel® 1x or in stages:

  1. Pick a barrel blank
  2. Structur Interior
  3. Structure Exterior
  4. Chamber and thread

PRO TIP:: Use step 2. Structure Interior as a resource to select the appropriate starting diameter in step 1. Pick a barrel blank.  Finish ODs varies by caliber and length.  Options are reactive to selected inputs.

Price calculated below; pay 1x or 4x monthly installments.

Blanks are 416R Stainless, unless specified, and listed at zero markup.  KS Arms, Krieger, and Bartlein ship blanks +1-2 inches.  McGowen and X-Caliber ship blanks at length ordered.

IMPORTANT::  Gunsmith(s) cut blanks to final length, removing 1-2 inches off the muzzle per vendor specification.  To maximize barrel life, borescopes are highly recommended to guarantee a comprehensive and consistent bore cleaning.  Click here for borescopes.


• Additional Information details shipping weight.

• Click here for INTEL on Structured Barrels®.  Page details the following:

– Advantages
– Finishes
– Specifications