1) Barrel Blank


Click below to build your Structured Barrel® 1x or in stages:

  1. Pick a barrel blank
  2. Structure Interior
  3. Structure Exterior
  4. Chamber and thread

Barrel Blank Instructions
1. Select a barrel manufacturer
2. Pick a caliber
3. Starting diameter options update by caliber
4. Available lengths update by starting diameter
5. Gain twists limited by manufacturer
6. Add to cart
+ Dropdown menus automatically update per selections
+ Change selections to reveal new options

PRO TIP:: Larger the final diameter, greater the Structural benefits.  Smaller the final diameter, lighter the barrel.  Prioritize performance or weight.

Blanks are 416R Stainless, unless specified, and listed at zero markup.  KS Arms, Krieger, and Bartlein ship blanks +1-2 inches.  McGowen ships blanks at length ordered.

IMPORTANT::  Gunsmith(s) cut blanks to final length, removing 1-2 inches off the muzzle per vendor specification.  To maximize barrel life, borescopes are highly recommended to guarantee a comprehensive and consistent bore cleaning.  Click here for borescopes.

Price calculated below; pay 1x or 4x monthly installments.


• Additional Information details shipping weight.

• Click here for INTEL on Structured Barrels®.  Page details the following:

– Advantages
– Finishes
– Specifications