“Nothing in life is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result." - Winston Churchill

Charlie TARAC®

Micro Charlie TARAC

Rail Mount


• Optically add 0 – 250 mils (0 – 860 moa) to any riflescope without changing rails, rings, cheek position, or 100-m zero, model specific.

• Interchangeable rail and scope mount solutions available, model specific.

• The Charlie TARAC is a periscope that optically shifts your target image higher so you aim higher to compensate for bullet drop.  The result is an optical, not mechanical, elevation gain to shoot beyond your scope’s travel.

• Targets that exceed your scope’s travel, return to zero, deploy the Charlie, and dial the difference.  For example, if you max your scope at 30 mils, but your target requires 44, return to zero, add the Charlie TARAC calibrated at (say) 30 mils, and dial the remaining 14 mils (30 + 14 = 44 mils).

• Micro
L 2.94″ x W 3.48″ x H 3.31″
L 75mm x W 88mm x H 84mm
Rail: 1 lb 2.8 oz | Scope: 1 lb 4.2 oz

• Macro
L 2.94″ x W 3.65″ x H 3.50″
L 75mm x W 93mm x H 89mm
Rail: 1 lb 8.9 oz | Scope: 1 lb 10.3 oz

• MK8 (Mark 8)

• Color:  Gun Gray

Macro Charlie TARAC

Rail Mount


• More for less

The Micro Charlie adds a fixed 0 – 40 mils (or 0 – 135 moa); starts at $649.
The Macro Charlie adds an adjustable 0 – 250 mils (or 0 – 860 moa); starts at $1,199.
The MK8 adds a turret-adjustable 0 – 210 mils (or 0 – 720 moa); starts at $2,599.

• The Charlie TARAC purposely reflects – not refracts – light to avoid optical compression and sends it to objective center for superior image quality and brightness, especially in low-light.

• Units can be calibrated and later reset to any value ranging from 0 – 250 mils (model specific) to match schoolhouse / mission requirements.

• The Charlie covers the objective’s circular outline to make spotting difficult.  Faces are roughed and provide options for camouflage tape to enhance concealment and custom match surroundings.

• Convert Charlies to any mounting solution – rail or scope – in minutes; model specific.  No special tools required.

• Rail mount Charlies also feature a high-end, self-adjusting Bobro QD mount (American Defense available upon request) that can be quickly be swapped and or replaced versus being integral to the housing and requiring an entirely new unit if compromised.

• Components are made in the USA, even our glass.

• Mount the Charlie anywhere in front of the objective (directly in front, inches, or feet in front). 

• Turn and or tilt it degrees without affecting the image (except for cant).  It works with big rails, up to 120 moa, even when the Charlie is level.

• Yields greater weapon cross-compatibility.

• The Charlie TARAC raises the scope center line by 1.3 inches to minimize the effects of thermal mirage generated from a hot barrel or suppressor for a superior image.

• JTF2 (unconfirmed) – World’s longest-confirmed sniper kill at 3,541 m set Jun 2017, shattered previous record by +1,000 m.

• Charlie Melton, Charlie Mike Precision – 5,000 yds set Sep 2017.
• Paul Phillips, Global Precision Group Consulting – 6,012 yds set Jan 2019.
• James DeVoglaer, Kaian Vista Ranch – 7,070 yds set Sep 2019.
• Chase Stroud, DPI Precision Consulting – 7,141 yds set Aug 2020.

Micro Charlie TARAC

Rail Mount


1. Micro

• Add 0 – 40 mils (or 0 – 135 moa) with high reflectivity mirrors.  Elevation is fixed so it cannot be adjusted.

• Starts at $649 (includes mount and tactical hard case).  Available either as a rail or scope mount.

• Pair the Micro with a big rail and flip it to add and or subtract elevation.

For example, if your scope is on a 30 mil rail, this nets 30 mils (+30 rail). Use a 30 mil Micro flipped upside down to subtract and net 0 mil (+30 rail – 30 Micro = 0). Remove the Micro to return to 30 mils (+30 rail). Use the Micro upright to add and net 60 mils (+30 rail + 30 Micro = 60). Therefore, one can achieve 0 – 90 mils of dialable elevation because at each interval you can use your scope.

• Light-weight.  See ‘INTEL’ for Specs.

• Upgrade your Micro to a scope mount to unlock interchangeable mounts.

•  Not as bright as the Macro or MK8.

• No magnets for attachment.

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2. Macro

• Add 0 – 250 (or 0 – 860 moa) mils with ultra-high reflectivity mirrors.  Elevation is adjustable using a tall target.

• Starts at $1,199 (includes mount and tactical hard case).  Available as rail or scope mount.

• Elevation is unmatched.

• Features magnets for rapid scope attachment.  Extension bolts provided.

• Interchangeable mounts.

• Moderate weight.  See ‘INTEL’ for Specs.

• Description:  Loosen three (3) bolts attached the lower rod until finger tight.  Turn the adjustment screw clock or counter-clockwise to add or subtract elevation, respectively.  Once crosshair reaches new inch equivalent on tall target (see “Formula”), tighten three (3) bolts to 50 in-lbs.

• Video:  Click here to watch Rex Tibor and John Baker break down the step-by-step procedure.

• Operator’s Manual:  Provided with every unit.  Also, available for download.  See ‘OPTERATOR’S MANUAL’ for details.

• Life-time Support:  TacomHQ will adjust Charlie TARACs anytime free of charge.  Just cover shipping and we will take care of the rest.

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3. MK8

• Add 0 – 210 mils (or 0 – 720 moa) with ultra-high reflectivity mirrors.  Elevation is turret adjustable featuring eight (8) clicks.  Dial 5 – 30 mil (or 20 – 100 moa) increments.

• Ideal for snipers, grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and heavy, low-velocity rounds.

• Available for preorder at $2,599 (includes mount and tactical hard case). 

• Rapid elevation adjustment is unmatched.

• Ballistic points can be set in mil, moa, yards, or meters.

• Rail mount only.

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Micro Charlie

Rail Mount


• Charlie TARACs are calibrated to order.  MIL and MOA available. 

• When you order a Charlie TARAC, either:

1) Match your scope’s total usable elevation.  For example, if your scope has 33 usable mils, order a 33 mil Charlie to prevent range gaps.  If a target exceeds your scope’s travel, return to zero, deploy the Charlie, and dial the difference.  This example yields 0 – 66 mils (33 mil Charlie + 33 mil scope).

2) Select a multiple of ‘5’ or ’10’ for simple arithmetic.  For example, if your scope has 33 usable mils, order a 30 mil Charlie, prevents range gaps and having to dial at the edge of your glass, or a 35 mil Charlie and use your scope’s reticle to get a little more top-end.  Ordering a 40 mil Charlie (in this example) increases the gap so if you have a target between 33 and 40 mils, you will not be able to dial it.

Macro Charlie

Scope Mount

Tall-Target Calculator

* Used to confirm elevation or to reset a Charlie TARAC.

Macro Charlie

Scope Mount


• Mount anywhere in front of your objective (directly in front, inches, or feet in front).  However, it is best to keep as close as possible to reduce ambient glare.

• Optimized for 1.50″ (38 mm) scope rings +/- 0.125″ (3 mm).

• Pair the Charlie with a scope on a 0 – 120 moa base despite it being level.

• Use this solution for platforms without an extended rail.

• Scope mount adapters are scope specific and requires a sunshade for permanent integration.  Universally fits both Micro and Macro Charlies.

• Require >/= 0.25″ (6 mm) clearance.

*IMPORTANT:: Scope mount adapters must be threaded onto objective, not a sunshade.

• Attach a rail mount Charlie to any platform with an extended rail; making it fast and easy to outfit a variety of platforms.

• Scope mount Charlies must be plumbed, which is an added step, but this can be done in 30 seconds using a simple bubble level and it will achieve < 1 MOA accuracy.  Either use your scope’s turrets to dial out the difference or finely tune the adapter until it tracks vertical.

• Turn and or tilt the Charlie degrees without affecting the image.  However, the Charlie is susceptible to cant just like your scope.

Micro Charlie

Rail Mount

Cross-Compatible Optics

• Use the same Charlie TARAC across optics.

• Saves money.

  • Riflescopes (behind Charlie)
  • Night Vision (behind Charlie)
  • Thermals (in front of Charlie)

Macro Charlie

Scope Mount


• Long-standing military service.
• Material:  6061 with critical components machined from 7075.  MK8’s optic touch-points are tungsten-carbide.
• Glass:  Highly scratch resistant mil-spec coating.  They will not fog.
• Temperature Range:  Subzero – 140°F (built do withstand going from cargo hold temperatures to desert heat in minutes).
• Maintenance:  Maintain as you would a scope, but it is purposely designed to be dunked in a bucket of soapy water or gasoline.
• Mount:  Bobro Engineering QR mount.
• Case:  Nanuk tactical hard case.

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Macro Charlie and Delta; Macro Charlie, and Micro Charlie TARAC

From Left to Right


• Click PDF icon to download.

• Operator Manuals are included with every purchase order.

• Size: 6″ x 4″

• Weight: 0.8-oz

Rail Mount Macro Charlie and Delta TARAC

Paul Phillips from Global Precision Group


• Eliminate optical interference from brakes, suppressors, and thermal mirage for a superior image using the Delta.

• Shift your scope’s line of sight from overlooking your barrel to looking down its side.  (Does not require a Charlie TARAC.)

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• Cross-compatible with Micro and Macro Charlies.  See ‘ATTACHMENT’ for details.

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• Cross-compatible with Micro, Macro, and MK8 Charlies.  See ‘ATTACHMENT’ for details.

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• Protect your objective and prevent detaching and reattaching your scope mount adapter.

• It magnetically attaches to a scope mount adapter just like the Charlie.

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Step 1) Select a model

Step 2) Pick a mount

Made in the USA

Made in the USA