Digital Levels


IMPORTANT:: Rapidly reset a Charlie TARAC® without tall targets via a digital level verified and accredited by US, Japanese, and German calibration and test laboratories traceable to NIST, JIS, and DIN for absolute accuracy. Highly recommended for military, sniper schoolhouses, and civilian, ELR competitors.

RNG 120-MOA/34-MIL | ACC +/- 0.24-MOA/0.07-MIL

RNG 600-MOA/175-MIL | ACC +/- 0.60-MOA/0.17-MIL

RNG 120-MOA/34.9-MIL | ACC +/- 0.06-MOA/0.02-MIL
RNG 1200-MOA/349-MIL | ACC +/- 0.18-MOA/0.05-MIL

RNG = Range
ACC = Accuracy
*Bluetooth compatible for Digi-Pas® Smart Level App


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