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Warranty / Return


• PLEASE READ THIS POLICY CAREFULLY. There are no warranties that extend beyond the description provided, and once you submit payment, you accept and agree to the terms and conditions provided herein that may be amended or modified from time to time. If you do not agree to such terms and conditions, do not submit payment.

• TacomHQ reserves the exclusive right to modify the terms and conditions herein without limitations.

• Colors may vary from the color depicted in exemplary photos as a result of the electrochemical process that occurs during anodize, even within the same batch. The only way to receive a uniform finish on all parts and accessories is to color match and have each component recoated or painted with a different finish, such as Cerakote. Please note, other finishes may not be as durable and more likely scratch.

• Purchase orders exceeding $10,000 in value require a 50%, non-refundable deposit, are not subject to change once finalized, and must be paid in full to qualify for shipment. Net 28-day payment terms are available for government contracts.

• Purchase orders less than $10,000 in value cancelled in part or entirety within 14-days are subject to a 4% cancellation fee. Purchase orders less than $10,000 in value cancelled in part or entirety after 14-days are be subject to a 8% cancellation fee. Cancelled purchase orders less than $10,000 in value with complete product are subject to the conditions described in Returns.

• Purchase orders exceeding $10,000 in value may be cancelled in part or entirety within 28-days.

• TacomHQ® will not accept early cancellations for Armor Optic, scope mounts, and Structured Barrels®, which include barrel blanks and Structuring and other harmonic finishes, and chamber / thread services.

• Customers are responsible for all shipping fees to and from tacomHQ, as well as ensuring the safe delivery and return of any goods. TacomHQ is not liable for any damaged, lost, or stolen merchandise during shipping. We recommend using a shipping method that provides a tracking number and to insure your package. TacomHQ will process an alternate shipping address only when provided via customer email. No third-party requests will be accepted. TacomHQ will not change shipping method(s) for any reason.

• Shipping fees are non-refundable.

• Any damaged, missing, or incorrect items must be reported within 72 hours of receiving order.

• TacomHQ® honors a 14-day money back guarantee to direct orders less than $10,000 in value. Units, manuals, and other accessories must be returned in good-working condition in its original, undamaged packaging, and are subject to a restocking fee starting at 20%.

• Orders exceeding $10,000 in value may be returned within 28-days.

• Refunds will be processed in accordance to payment method.

• Sales are final for Armor Optic, Micro Charlie TARACs, scope mounts, and Structured Barrels®, which includes barrel blanks, Structuring and other harmonic finishes, and chamber / thread services.

• TacomHQ® supports its products with a limited, lifetime warranty.  This warranty applies to factory and mechanical defects that occur within the normal use of the product. If tacomHQ determines warranty repair, exchange, or replacement is required due to a factory and or mechanical defect following internal review, tacomHQ will cover associated costs. 

• Do not attempt to disassemble, alter, or change the function, appearance, or operation of any item for it may void any right to return or warranty the product. Warranty excludes incidental or consequential damages from maintenance, cleaning, misuse, neglect, scratches, tampering, alternations, repairs, or evidence of attempt to alter or repair the unit by a non-certified tacomHQ technician.

• Product sent to tacomHQ for repair or exchange must include a copy of the original invoice with an  affidavit detailing your name, phone number, email, and reason for return. Allow one to eight (8) weeks to process. Should tacomHQ choose to exchange the product, and the product is no longer available when warranty service is provided, substitution or replacement for another product comparable in performance and or value will be provided.

• Non-warranty repairs will be quoted prior to any work being performed, billed at $100/hr, and additional charges for parts or labor may apply.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA