Alpha TARAC® 4.0

Mfg:: ADM swing (U.S.A.)
Mount:: ADM bolt-on or QD (U.S.A.)
Finish::  MILSPEC black hard anodize (U.S.A.)
Glass:: MILSPEC 5-Arcsec precision wafer (U.S.A.)
Centerline:: 1.50 and 1.93-inch (2.25 coming soon)
Electronics::  None; ANALOG
Add-on:: KillFlash® (CA)
Bonus:: Laser engraved dope and QR range chart



[1] Averages – for reference only
[2] Download guide for details and more info


1. Select a Rifle Zero, Barrel Length, and Cartridge
2. Select SKU / Optical shift; auto-calculates
3. Evaluate cross-compatibility*

*Build multiple setups, use Cheat Sheet, or download guide for complete detail.

+ Pay 1x or 4x monthly installments
+ Follow us on social media for exclusive discounts
+ Next production series scheduled March/April 2022.  Stock is quantity to be manufactured less orders.



• Additional Information details shipping weight.

Click here for INTEL.  Page details the following:

– Advantages
– Cross-compatibility
– Training
– Limitations
– MIL Reports

Additional information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 in