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Alpha TARAC®

• Maximize hit-rate probability with the Alpha, an ANALOG, bullet drop compensator that eliminates holdover and range estimation via patented, prism tech. The Alpha installs a max-point blank to guarantee bullets neither rise nor fall beyond a selected target size so end-users simply aim center mass to get hits.  Switch from a close-range zero for small targets to a long-range zero for big targets on the fly.  The Alpha is undetectable, embodies weaponized math so it requires little to no training, and can be adapted to any optic on any centerline, regardless of orientation or position. Use the Alpha for ballistic, height over bore, super and subsonic, and SIM compensation void of IR emissions, secondary emitters, and added complexity. Empirically verified by USASOC, 3/75, 5th SFG, and OSUT.

• Patented prism technology

Bravo TARAC®

• Optically add elevation up to 60 mils (200 moa) of fixed elevation to any riflescope without changing rails, rings, cheek position, or 100-yd zero.

• Patented prism technology

Charlie TARAC®

Micro NSN: 1240-01-696-1594
Macro NSN: 1240-01-697-6962

Chris Van Loan

• Optically add up to 250 mils (800 moa) of adjustable elevation to any riflescope without changing rails, rings, cheek position, or 100-m zero.

• Optimized
– Snipers
– Grenade launchers (MK8)
– Heavy machine guns (MK8)
– Heavy, low-velocity rounds (MK8)

• Patented periscope technology

Armor Optic

Two Vets Tripods

• Roll-cage safeguards optics and POI, and is ergonimically engineered to serve as a carry-handle, brace against a car door or wondow, and an attachment point for camouflage and lanyards.  Ideal for school houses, fast roping, SPIES, mass tactical exits, and military free fall.

• Patented

Strtuctured Barrel®

• Harmonically treated to achieve the most advanced, high performance barrels in the world.

• Advantages
– Superior cold bore performance
– Recoil reduction
– Flatter SD
– Reduced mirage
– Little to no load development
– Greater barrel life
– Free velocity potential
– BC gain potential

• Patented barrel technology


“Militaries are not known for developing new technologies (…) When you hear the words ‘that’s impossible’ well that’s tantalizing to most of us in this industry because we want to make the impossible possible (….) Every now and then, every five-ten years there is a piece of equipment that comes along and (….) if you look at TACOM HQ (…) it is a game changer. It will be forever remembered; probably what propelled us to the next level.” – Rob Furlong, a former Canadian military sniper who broke the world record for longest confirmed sniper kill at 2,430 m (2,657 yds) in 2002.

Founded by John and Jacob Baker, TACOM HQ is the culmination of a father’s promise to start a company with his son and a shared passion for innovation and the pursuit for perfection.  Together, John and Jacob, are leading the industry developing new products that are game changers.  TACOM HQ invented the TARAC, a prism wedge and periscope and Structured Barrels to eliminate harmonics.

Command Results.

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John Baker

Built trucks and boats

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Jacob Baker
Vice President

Resident Geek Guy
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Made in the U.S.A.